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Be Ready to Answer Common Buyer Questions About Your Pittsburgh Home

With any type of home sale, potential buyers will always have questions they want to ask. If you’re represented by a real estate agent, he or she usually knows ahead of time the kinds of questions that’ll be asked because they’ve heard most of them in the course of their career.

Many questions will be answered on the seller’s disclosure that you will complete. Below are some common questions we hear from buyers.

  1. Potential buyers usually ask about your property taxes.

While any home might have a great sale price, the amount of property taxes can add significantly to a mortgage payment. They will want to know when you were last assessed and whether or not you are expecting a new re-assessment.

  1. You’ll often get questions on whether or not you have a homeowner’s association fee.

Many HOA fees are relatively inexpensive, but in some neighborhoods, these fees can be a few hundred dollars a month. Many homeowner’s associations also require a one-time buyer fee to be paid at closing called a Capitalization fee. This can be a significant cost at 2 or 3 times the amount of your monthly fee. 

  1. Another question that’s usually asked is the monthly cost of utilities.

If an electric bill is outrageously high, that can sway a potential buyer’s decision. What one family uses won’t necessarily be what another family uses. If the utility bill isn’t a fixed one, tell the potential buyer an average of what he or she might have to pay.

  1. One of the main questions that buyers want to know the answer to is the state and age of the roof. 

While this information is usually on the seller’s disclosure, buyers will still ask about it. That’s because replacing a roof can be an expensive endeavor – not to mention it can cause damage if it leaks. 

  1. You may also get asked about warranties on home components such as appliances, furnaces, a/c, etc.

Collecting all the warranties you have for the house components will be helpful for the buyer after moving into the home. You may also offer a home warranty that covers many of the major components of the home.

  1. Sometimes buyers will ask why you’re selling the home. 

It’s more of a question geared toward protecting themselves than it is a truly nosy one. We ask that the seller not be home during showings. A seemingly innocent question like this may lead the buyer to feel they have a negotiating advantage based on your answer. Your agent can handle these questions on your behalf.

  1. The buyer will want to know what is included in the sale.

Be very clear about what conveys with the property. Generally, anything that is permanently attached, including television mounts are expected to stay. If you plan on taking a light fixture, TV mount, or another permanently attached item, it is best to remove it prior to listing the home to prevent any misunderstandings. 

It isn’t unusual for a buyer to have many questions. This is normally handled between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent. But knowing what questions may come up will provide you the time to gather any necessary information in advance.

We provide a very consultative approach to listing a home. We prepare our sellers so they understand the steps involved in the process. And our team is there to help you through it all.

Contact The SAYHAY Team to schedule a free consultation at 412-755-3600.

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