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Benefits Of Hiring A Buyer’s Agent When Purchasing A Pittsburgh Home

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When you are ready to buy your Pittsburgh home, you need someone who will work for your best interests. This may be the most significant financial investment you make. It only makes sense to have a professional in your corner.

Many buyers believe it would be best to go straight to the listing agent, thinking somehow that will save them money. The truth is that it may cost you money.

The listing agent has already signed a contract with the seller. Their fiduciary responsibilities are to the seller. That means the listing agent works for the seller and can not disclose any information to you that is not already in the seller’s disclosures. The listing agent can sell you the property, but they can not advise you on pricing and negotiations. 

The beautiful part about hiring a buyer’s agent is that it does not cost the buyer. The seller is paying the commission, and that is how the buyer’s agent gets compensated. There are some rare circumstances where the buyer will pay a partial fee, but it is not the norm.

Let’s look at some other benefits of hiring a buyer’s agent:
  1. A buyer’s agent understands and studies the local market, trends, and statistics. Neighborhoods can vary within the Pittsburgh area. They have their finger on the pulse of what is going on. Hiring an agent who doesn’t understand the local market could cost you money.
  2. A buyer’s agent can help you find a great lender. Not all mortgage companies are alike. Not all mortgage programs are alike. Certain areas may have special mortgage programs that could save you money on your home purchase. A buyer’s agent creates relationships with local lenders. These relationships are helpful to ensure that the mortgage process is unfolding on time so as not to cause a delay in closing.
  3. A buyer’s agent can advise you on your offer. They can provide you with comparable sales in the neighborhood. They use their expertise to evaluate these properties and help you determine an offering price. 
  4. A buyer’s agent can help you create an outstanding offer. In the current market in the Pittsburgh area, it is not unusual to have multiple offers on a home. The price is not the only thing that makes a good offer. A knowledgeable buyer’s agent can advise you on terms and conditions that may make your offer irresistible to the seller.
  5. A buyer’s agent will facilitate the closing. Timeframes are essential, and you do not want to miss any deadlines. Your agent will help you to stay on track with all your deadlines. Missing inspection, mortgage, or commitment deadlines would be a default of the contract, and the seller could cancel the sale because of these missed deadlines. 

There are many reasons to hire a buyer’s agent when buying your Pittsburgh Home. You can see by the reasons above the importance of having an agent work for you. 

Honestly, there aren’t any reasons NOT to hire a buyer’s agent. In the “hot” real estate market we have been experiencing here in Pittsburgh, you will find it a comfort to have a professional in your corner.

Here at The Judi SAYHAY Team, our agents are trained in sales, study the market, and understand what it takes to get your offer accepted. We are always ready to help you with your real estate needs.

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