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How To Prepare To Stage Your Pittsburgh Home

Staging your Pittsburgh Home

Are you getting ready to sell your Pittsburgh home this spring? Before you open the front door to potential buyers, you may want to consider staging your home.

Home staging is the process of preparing your home and setting the stage to make the home as appealing as possible to the most likely buyer.


Preparing to stage your home must begin with clearing out any clutter. You have probably already heard about the importance of decluttering. Well, that’s because it can’t be stressed enough. 

Decluttering is one of the most important aspects of making your home appealing to buyers for two reasons:

First, not just papers and dishes, clutter includes decorations and furniture too. If a buyer doesn’t see your home, they won’t want to buy. 

Second, all that clutter screams personality. But, unfortunately, your personality is not what a buyer wants to see. To be motivated to buy, a potential buyer must imagine themselves living in that home. If the house is full of the current owner’s personality, they have difficulty seeing themselves there. 

Because of this, some sellers choose to box up a lot of their personal goods and put them in professional storage. This gets it right out of the house, so even the boxes aren’t clogging up the spare rooms and closets, which are also essential selling features.

Deep Clean

Thoroughly cleaning your home is the next step after decluttering. Buyers will find a clean older home more appealing than a dirty newer home. A clean house gives the buyer the feeling of a well-maintained home.

Consider smell, an important sense that impacts our first impression. Eliminate odors, especially if you have pets or smoke indoors. Air the home out a bit. You may wish to install some air fresheners, but be sure not to choose anything too overwhelming. They can also become suspicious that a strong air freshener is covering up a problem smell.

Repair and Paint

It is also vital to make repairs around the home. Keep in mind how well the doors around your home function, as buyers, will almost always open closets and cupboards. If the doors are sticky or squeak, that gives a wrong first impression. 

While you certainly don’t want to enter into significant renovations, a new coat of paint can really brighten up a home and make it more appealing. And as tempting as it is to choose trendy colors or things you are personally attracted to, neutral tones are best. White or off-white are your safest bets as they will help a home appear bright and give a new owner a good base if they wish to paint the house more uniquely.

Now that these preliminary steps are complete, you can begin arranging furniture to create a good flow throughout each room of your home.

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