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Renovations Worth Making Before You Sell Your Home

Renovations Worth Making Before You Sell Your home

When it’s time to sell a house, many homeowners start thinking about sprucing up the place or doing some renovations to get the most out of the sale. While renovations are a good idea, some are more important than others. 

Kitchen and bathroom renovations help a homeowner recoup the investment more than something like putting in new sod or replacing the home’s siding. Some renovations are simple, inexpensive, and are worth doing. 

Over time, the walls and baseboards in a home can look dull and have marks where the paint is dinged. An instant renovation that can make the home look up to date and fresh is to paint the rooms in your house that need it. 

If you have an accent wall in an extremely bold color, you might want to paint anyway because most potential buyers prefer neutral paints. In addition, it helps them be able to imagine themselves living there. 

The kitchen is one room where you’ll really find that making renovations are worth it.

If you have old appliances, you’ll want to update those. If you have a dated-looking backsplash, you’ll want to replace it. Updates like new tile look fresh and spruce up a kitchen. 

Potential buyers also check out the countertops in a kitchen. Depending on your home’s price range, you may want to add granite, quartz, or marble counters if you do not already have one. These are long-lasting and will stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Replacing the counters will make an incredible difference.

If your cabinetry is in good shape, you may not need to replace them. However, if your cabinets are in good condition, you can spruce them up with some paint or new hardware. 

In addition to the kitchen, the bathroom is a strong selling point in a house.

One that has a stained tub or an outdated vanity doesn’t have much appeal. This is one renovation that will help you sell your home. Put in a new vanity if it needs it and either refinish a stained tub or put in a surround. Using modern fixtures to create a spa-like feel will go a long way.

Closet updates are also attractive to buyers. Crowded closets that are overflowing with clothing and accessories give the appearance of not enough space. You can DIY a closet update to maximize the space.

Another easy renovation is updating window treatments. For example, if you have outdated curtains or damaged blinds, replace them with something new. Again, this is a reasonably easy update that will make a big difference.

You may need to make some renovations outside also. You want plenty of curb appeal so that your home makes an excellent first impression. This is a renovation that doesn’t have to cost much. Pay close attention to the front porch and make it inviting for the buyers who visit your home. Scrape and paint where you may find some peeling paint. You can place some new mulch around trees and shrubs and add colorful flowers in planters on the porch, depending on the weather.

The SAYHAY Team can consult with you on any necessary updates you may need. Contact us at 412-755-3600 for a free seller’s consultation.

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