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What Should Stay When Selling A Home In Pittsburgh?

Couple moving TV from wall mount.

The home selling and buying process for a home in Pittsburgh can be confusing. The seller completes their listing paperwork and may not be clear on what should stay in the home and what they can take with them. A buyer walks through the home once, twice if they are lucky, and creates an offer based on what they remember and the seller’s disclosures. 

Confusion usually occurs with items that are perceived as attachments.

Attachments – Literally!

In most states, the term “attached” takes on a unique meaning in real estate. Essentially, it boils down to this, “If it’s attached to the real estate, it’s no longer personal property.” Practically speaking, anything attached to the home will remain when ownership is transferred. Applying this concept, it’s easy to see why chandeliers, doorknobs, and kitchen cabinets stay.

To determine whether something stays or goes, focus on the attachment issue. Plants can often be confusing items. Generally, if they are planted in the ground, they stay. If they are in planters, they go. 

I Am Seller – Hear Me Roar!

If you’re a seller, you’ve probably spent a good bit of time and effort on the property. What if you want to take a few attached items with you? Can you legally keep it? What if you’re thinking, “That fixture hanging over the breakfast table has a real Tiffany shade? It was a wedding present from Aunt Elizabeth. I’m keeping it!”

There are a couple of ways that typically work when you want to keep an item or two of this sort. The first is to simply state in your disclosures that an item does not convey with the sale. This approach has one drawback. Human nature being as it is, your buyer will probably immediately want the item, and it now becomes a bone of contention.

There is a better way to deal with this situation. Before putting your home on the market, remove all items that have become attached in your home that you would like to take with you. Buy another hanging lamp, hang it and pack your Tiffany lamp. Do that for all items that you want to keep. Be sure to replace each with something attractive and make any repairs necessary to walls due to differences in mounts, etc. When prospective buyers look at your home, everything they see will stay with the home. You are happy, they are happy, everyone is happy! Life is good.

An unexpected attachment that takes many by surprise are television mounts. If your TV is mounted to the wall you can take the TV, but you are required to leave the mount. It is easiest to purchase a new mount when you install your television in your new home.

Carefully walk through your home and decide on any of the times you want to keep. Make arrangements to replace the item and pack it away prior to listing your home. Don’t risk losing an irreplaceable item if it is important to you.

The SAYHAY Team can help you prepare your home prior to the first buyer walking through.  Contact The SAYHAY Team at 412-755-3600 to schedule a free consultation if you are considering buying or selling a home.

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