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What You Need To Do Before Buying A New Pittsburgh Home

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When you are considering buying a new Pittsburgh home, there are many questions you will need to ask yourself. 

The first question you should consider is this the best time to purchase a new Pittsburgh home? Some considerations are how long you anticipate living in the house? Will you quickly outgrow the home? Is the home in an area you desire? 

Determining if this is the right time for you is as individual as you are. Will your home purchase make sense for you both financially and personally? 

Taking time to work through these steps will help create a smoother buying experience.

First, meet with a lender who will review your financial situation and then pre-qualify you for a mortgage. There are two fundamental reasons to take this step before you start your home search. One is to know that you are looking in the proper price range. There is nothing more disappointing than starting your search in a higher price range only to learn you do not qualify to purchase the homes you love. The other reason is that you have a pre-approval letter to submit with any offers you will present. In our current market, the sellers are receiving so many offers, and they will not look twice at an offer that comes with a mortgage contingency but no pre-approval letter. 

Now that you have determined you can afford a house; you need to choose which area you would like to live in. You will want to assess your needs by asking the following questions:

  1. Is the location easily accessible to the areas you frequent?
  2. Do you prefer an urban, suburban, or country setting?
  3. What area amenities are important to you?
  4. Would you like a walkable neighborhood?
  5. Do you need access to public transportation?
  6. Is the school district important?

Don’t overlook the importance of purchasing a home in a good school district if you do not have children. It may be a factor when you go to resell your home.

You have narrowed down the area where you would like to purchase your new Pittsburgh home. Now you will need to dream about the desired features you would like to have. 

  1. Would you like a single-family home, townhome, or condo?
  2. Do you prefer one-level living or two-story?
  3. What is the minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms you would like?
  4. Is the type of parking a consideration? On-street, Off-street, or garage
  5. Would you like a large yard or something smaller?
  6. How much living space do you need?

Once you have your wish list completed, go back through your list and determine your needs and your needs. Needs are the deal-breakers; you will not buy a home with less than three bedrooms. Wants are the bonuses, you could live without a 3-car garage, but it would be a dream to own.

If you have not already done so, now is the time to hire a real estate agent. You need to have a real estate professional in your corner in the current market we are experiencing here.  You need to find an agent with experience, a good track record, and understands the area and market you would like to purchase.

There are many more decisions you will have to make in the buying process. Your real estate agent can guide you through each step.

Deciding to purchase a new Pittsburgh home is the first step. Let our team help you through the buying process. Contact us at 412-303-3600 or

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