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Your Stress-Free Holiday Checklist

Holiday checklist

Enjoy the holidays by following this stress-free holiday checklist the SAYHAY Team created for you. Checklists are always a great way to ensure you don’t forget something important. We use them in our business regularly. 

✅ Time Off

Before you get rolling on your holiday planning, start by deciding on your time off. Block it off your calendar to be sure work or other personal obligations do not interfere. Consider your traditions as you determine the days you want to be free. Be sure to plan some time just to relax too.

✅ Holiday Cards

Receiving a greeting card is a good feeling. Knowing that the sender took their time and included you on their list is always heartwarming. Unfortunately, this is one task that has fallen off of many “To-Do” lists over the years. If you regularly send cards or want to start sending holiday cards, do it early. The mail service has been slower since the pandemic. If the thought of writing out all those envelopes and getting to the post office for stamps have you procrastinating, you may want to try an online service like Postable. Unlike other greeting card senders, there is no membership fee to use their service.

✅ Decorating

Whether you go all out or tend to be a minimalist, plan when you want to decorate your home. If your calendar is beginning to fill for December, you may like to schedule time in November for decorating. You should also to pre-plan when you are taking down your decorations. 

✅ Shop Early

Even if we were not experiencing problems with our supply chain, getting your shopping done early is always an excellent way to reduce your stress levels. Not only does it feel good to have your shopping done, but it also gives you plenty of time to get things wrapped. Of course, there is always that guy who claims he loves shopping on Christmas Eve. Is it genuinely exhilarating for him, or is he just procrastinating? Don’t forget to buy a few emergency gifts in case you receive an unexpected gift from someone.

✅ Check Travel Plans

We have seen quite a travel disruption lately. You need to double (or triple) check your travel plans. Be sure you know the requirements, such as masks, vaccine cards, or Covid testing. It would be wise to create a Plan B in the event your plans are interrupted.

✅ Be In The Moment

It is often difficult to enjoy the moment you are experiencing when you have so many tasks on your list. However, pre-planning will allow you to relax and enjoy your family and friends this holiday season. 

✅ Contact Your Realtor®

We may not be on everyone’s holiday preparation checklist, but if you are contemplating a home sale or purchase, we will be available to answer your questions. January is a popular month for job promotions. A promotion sometimes requires the employee to relocate. Congratulations if this is you. Let us know how we can help you.

The SAYHAY Team wishes you a stress-free holiday season. If you have any real estate questions, contact us at 412-755-3600 for a free consultation.

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