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Top 10 Selling Tips

Top 10 Selling Tips For Sellers


Below are the Top 10 Selling Tips that our Seller Clients have been using for years which helped increase the number showings and enabled us to negotiate a higher price for our Sellers. After years of studying the real estate market, we concluded that these are the most powerful Top 10 Selling Tips. We want every Seller to make more money so that is why we are sharing them with you.

Our studies also concluded that if you can only afford to implement 50% of the Top 10 Selling Tips, you will still make more money than Sellers who decide to do nothing!

Tip #1…Boost Curb Appeal. This is something you always hear and for a very good reason. Many Buyers thinking of viewing the inside of your home, will most likely do a quick drive-by first before scheduling an appointment; often deciding on the spot if it’s worth looking at the inside. Make sure you can lure Buyers into your home with great “curb appeal”. A few bonus Tip on Curb Appeal:

a. Power wash siding and walkways
b. Hang easy-to-read house numbers
c. Plant new flowers and fresh greenery
d. Mow lawn, reseed or add sod as needed
e. Wash all windows
f. Repaint or re-stain the exterior as needed
g. Remove all junk from around your home

Tip #2… Make repairs a high priority. If your house needs work, get it done now. It’s the home inspector’s job to find out what’s wrong with your house and long lists of repairs can scare Buyers off! As the homeowner, repairs are your responsibility and you should fix them before your house is listed for sale.

Tip #3… De-clutter. Go through every closet in every room and get rid of the piles of “stuff”. Buyers notice spaciousness. You are selling your space. Throw stuff away, pack it for the move, give it away or have a garage sale – just get it out of the house.

Tip #4… De-personalize. Remove all family photos, sports collections, trophies, plaques and hobby collections. You’ve got to let the Buyers see themselves living in your house with their things.

Tip #5… Make needed updates. What about your home’s interior? Do you have old outdated wallpaper? Make it go away. Today’s Buyers don’t like it and they may not buy your house because of it. Consider painting the interior walls throughout your house – something neutral in a beige tone. Keep it consistent throughout the house. Trying to provide the Buyers with a credit to do any work after the closing, doesn’t work anymore, get real and get it done yourself!

Tip #6…Straighten up. Once you get all of the stuff out of your house, straighten everything-drawers, closets, bathroom vanities, pantry, garages, attic, etc. Ask your Realtor, friends or a good neighbor to look around your house to see if they have any additional suggestions.

Tip #7… Edit your space. Rearranging is the last step. Use your best furniture and accessories. Less is more when it comes to home www. Create the right flow of your things; Buyers like flow, so let’s “wow” them as they walk around your house. It’s hard to stage your own house so you may want to consider hiring a professional home stager to tweak your furniture and accessories. This is money well spent if your stager has a great “eye.” Aim to have 20 to 30 percent open space in each closet to give the impression of spaciousness.

Tip #8…Clean everything! All surfaces, baseboards, light fixtures, windows (in and out), carpeting, flooring, bathrooms, appliances (don’t forget the oven), basements, garages, etc. Buyers don’t like other people’s dirt.

Tip #9… What’s that smell? How does your house smell? If you have lingering odors now that it’s clean, get your home de-odorized. If you don’t have a good sense of smell, ask your sister or best friend. You can’t sell a home that has a lingering odor.

Tip #10… Get a first impression. Before you list your house for sale, do one last thing. Go outside and walk away from your house. Then pretend you are the Buyer coming to see it; as you walk up to the front door are you feeling good about the outside of this house? If not, what needs to be changed or improved upon?

As you begin to open the front door, is there a “WOW” that comes over you? Do you love what you see or not? This is very important because Buyers will make a decision about your house within first 10 seconds of opening the front door. Will they say “wow” or “oh”? Ask yourself one final question as you are walking around, would you buy this house in its current condition at this price? If not, you have some more work to do.